_tomoTomo is a dude who runs a kiosk in space. He as a pet dinosaur and his shapeshifter buddy Lupa. He runs his kiosk in a space mall, and enjoys fun with his friends, but wonders if he was made for more, and his gaze is increasingly heading out towards the stars. Tomo can control coffee with his mind, and uses it to help bring in the sales. Tomo grew up on the streets of Danothir with his best friend Charlie, and went from poverty to owning his own business.


_jenJen is a college student from a distant reality. Being a “Traveler,” she can jump through parallel universes as easily as opening doors. Only one in five trillion humans can be travelers, and she has never met another traveler before. On a recent trip to the ancient world of Cambria, she got a glimpse of another traveler and has begun to find a way to contact them.


_charlieCharlie runs a space garage in the Space Mall, and loves a good time. He can teleport, and knows a lot of people in the galaxy that help him get around if he needs to. Charlie is Tomo’s best friend. They both grew up on the streets of Danothir and have gone from poverty to owning their own businesses.


_kiraKira is the bakery owner in the Space Mall. She runs the store with Leli, and is a nice girl but has a slight temper. She is also a fierce warrior, being able to transform into a staff-wielding supersoldier when she needs to. She considers herself the guardian of Danothir, but very few people agree with her.


_lupaLupa is a visitor from another dimension. He is an explorer, and a powerful metamorph. However, when he fell through the portal by the Space Mall, he lost all of his ability to transform into anything. He now hangs out with Tomo but may hold a universe of mystery.


_billyBilly is Tomo’s pet. Tomo found Billy, wounded and abandoned, in a dumpster. He nursed Billy back to health, and secretly keeps Billy with him wherever he goes.


_leliLeli is a jovial shop owner in the Space Mall. He’s an old friend of Tomo, and has just opened a bakery shop with Kira.




Space Mall

The Space Mall is a repurposed colony ship that now travels the universe. The inside is a living biome of rivers, mountains, lakes and forests, with stores of every shape and kind inside! The mall itself is the size of a small moon! The space malls offers everything from a garden city, to a water theme park, three other theme parks, holographic game rooms, hundreds of stores of all types, a massive food court deck, space garage (mini starport) and much more!


Danothir is the planet around which the space mall orbits. It is a designated pleasure world/tourist destination, being 80% ocean, with rainforests, deserts, snow covered mountain ranges and so much more. It is larger than Earth, with a small ring system barely visible, as well as four moons. Danothir is near a galactic highway, which brings a large amount of traffic to the system.