This week, we met Tomo’s old friend Kataan!


Kataan is from Tomo’s sister world, Esothir. Esothir and Danothir both have separate intelligent species inhabiting their respective worlds. The Esothiri (Kataan’s species name) have long arms, and a bone-like protrusion from their heads. Originally, they looked more primal and cat/feline like. Like giant cat bears.


However, just like Danothiri, millions of years of intermarriage with other species in the galaxy and even universe have caused significant changes to their anatomy. Like Danothiri, Esothiri have genetic throwbacks, who consider themselves pure. Everyone else chills out and lives in the galaxy.



Esothir is very much like Danothir, except that it’s orbit is slightly faster, and Esothir has just a single moon, and it’s axis is tilted, causing four seasons in temperate zones. It’s only slightly larger than Earth, however it is a vacation world as well, with biomes palatable to those who do not prefer the warm tropical climate of Danothir.


Esothir and Danothir have never fought in a war against each other, however they did form an alliance when their solar system was threatened millions of years ago. Esothiri live on Danothir, and vice versa.