Here is some amazing fan art and commissioned art of Space Barista!


Here is a great image by Dan Butcher, who creates the amazing webcomic series Vanguard! Click here to visit his website!


Here is an amazing piece from Christina Major! Please follow her on Twitter here!



Here is an AWESOME Tomo and Casanova selfie by Andrew Grieve, who makes the Team Stryker Comic! Click here to visit the Team Stryker page!

Here is a fantastic 8-bit animated gif by Wesley Hall, who makes the hilarious comic NamelessPCs! Click here to visit his website!



This awesome piece was created by James Stowe who makes the AMAZING webcomic Sidekick Quests! Check it out!


This sexy Tomo was provided by @JKBarts on Twitter! Please give her a follow!

The image below is fantastic fan art by Jason Bienvenue! Check out his and Brandon Gary’s Graphic Novel Dusk:


This fan art was made by the exceptionally talented and amazingly hilarious Christian Henry! Please make sure to follow him on Twitter, and read his wonderful webcomic “Anyone for Rhubarb?”


Here is another amazing commission by Jennifer Barts! This is of Miv, Space Barista’s friend who owns a sushi restaurant!