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Today’s post is about the Danothir Fashions.

We see Tomo wear a sort of barista uniform, and we’ve seen four Danothir by now: Tomo, Charlie, Kira and Metrine.

So do they dress normally for their species, or are they a little off? Let’s explore!


Space Dolphins vs. Planet Dolphins


Danothir typically have two types of dress. One is for their homeworld or on planets similar to their homeworld.

Danothir is a super-earth with almost no axial tilt, making most of the planet tropical and subtropical.


The species itself is used to annual warm, temperate weather and most inhabit the coasts of the one major continent on the planet.

Danothir who live on their homeworlds usually wear light, breezy clothes. These clothes tend to be similar to what you would see people wear in the tropical regions of Earth. Their hair tends to be shorter as well, or even shaved.

In space, Danothir tend to wear heavier, form-covering clothes. This is because space is cold, and most species do not live in tropical climates. Danothir in space tend to grow full bears, have long hair and wear multiple layers of clothing. Some even need thermal clothing to keep their temperatures nominal. The normal Danothir body temperature is 99.8 degrees. They can normally withstand fevers of up to 120 degrees before brain damage sets in.


Female Clothing


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Females on Danothir wear light clothing with few layers. Some wear less. Almost every Danothir female in space wears long hair and multiple layers of clothing for warmth. There is little religious significance to their clothing, as most of their clothing is thermal and takes care of their temperature regulation needs.


Female Adornment


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Females and males both wear equal amounts of jewelry and adornment on their heads. All jewelry is made from crystals, diamonds, rubies, and other stones that glow and are extremely rare. Danothir harbors multiple precious metals in its crust, so Danothir tend to wear very costly jewelry.

Female adornment normally caresses the sides of the face, as there is an ancient Danothir religion that depicted women as having glorious light shining from the sides of their faces. Many times, Danothir greet each other by putting their hands on the sides of the face to greet each other’s spirits.


Male Clothing


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Males tend to wear more ornate clothing in Space than females. It’s not really a specific social issue, but rather a matter of trending fashion. Danothir males and females are considered equal, so fashion tends to just change with outside galactic influences and environment changes of individuals, colonies and more.

Male traditional clothing tends to be robed and multi-layered. They decorate their robed clothes with fine jewels. Male clothing on the planet tends to be light and with few layers.


Male Adornment


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Males do not tend to adorn their heads, but the traditionally-robed and long-haired men wear ornate jewels and dressings for their hair, usually divided into three tiers.

So is Tomo a little weird? Yeah, a little. He has short hair, and wears layered clothing but may seem a little unusual if he was walking down the street and saw another Danothir. Kira and Metrine wear traditional clothing, and Charlie is like Tomo, who seems to be another unusual guy in terms of dress.

More to come!