Today’s post is all about Tomo’s homeworld!

Tomo lives in a ring galaxy, in a universe where there are no humans around! There might be humans, but no one has discovered them yet! Jen was the first human that Tomo ever saw.

The Galaxy


Tomo’s galaxy is a ringed galaxy, with a densely populated ring around the center. Tomo’s neighborhood is in the ring itself, in a location that faces incoming intergalactic (from other galaxies) traffic. It’s a part of the ring galaxy that’s a hub for activity.

The Galactic Neighborhood


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The neighborhood around Tomo’s Solar system is densely packed and inhabited. Think of it as a galactic rainforest. Many planets have a native population of species plus the other species who have colonies or immigrants there. Many worlds are equally populated with so many different species that only a minority of the native populations live there, or have moved to colonize other worlds. Needless to say, it’s a pretty busy place!

The Solar System


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Tomo’s solar system consists of seven planets: two gas giants, and five terrestrial worlds. Two of the planets in the solar system are inhabitable.


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Danothir, the most popular planet, has an ancient history and is very well known throughout the local cluster of galaxies. It’s like their version of Hawaii.

At the edge of the solar system is a planet-sized space station that serves as a starbase for all local stellar traffic using the Galactic Highway. Think of it as a ginormous Route 66 Station for traveling starships, city ships, and more.

The Planet

Danothir is a super-earth.


It’s axis is almost nonexistent, unlike Earth’s axis which gives us seasons and climate regions. Danothir is mostly tropical and subtropical, having a slightly thicker atmosphere than Earth but around the same gravity due to the makeup of its mantle and crust.

Danothir’s weather is far more temperate than Earth’s, with mists and light rain showers keeping plants watered, and intricate river systems that have been turned into vast, kilometers-wide gardens for visitors. Some have even said there’s a heavenly (or their religious equivalent) feel to the planet itself.

The oceans are largely shallow, except for the two large north and southern oceans which can reach depths comparable to 2x the depth of Earth’s Mariana Trench. It’s recorded that Danothir actually came from the oceans of the world, and have all sorts of unusual communal abilities.

The mineral content on the planet is highly abundant with rare minerals. Etrias, a mineral used in interstellar travel, is highly abundant on the planet, and given its access to a nearby galactic highway, means the planet is a prime location for trade.

The People

Danothir originated from a Dolphin species several million years ago. They resembled a mix between Dolphins and Ickthyosaurs.


They achieved spaceflight four million ears ago, and quickly engaged in galactic commerce, cultural exchange and governmental interactions with other planets. Danothir began intermarrying with millions of species, and over time their appearance changed to a more land-mammal appearance. Two million years ago, a species whose sun went nova immigrated en masse to Danothir. At this time Danothir was the capital planet of the Ring Galaxy’s largest government, the United Stellar Republic.

Danothir soon intermarried with this species and split into two sub species. The first sub species was the one that looked like Tomo, with a humanoid appearance but with a dorsal fin on their foreheads.

The second subspecies remained “genetically pure” and did not intermarry. They have reduced in number, and often reside in secluded areas beyond the cities and trafficked areas of the planet.

The Religion

Religions on Danothir tend to be fairly streamlined, and you will find minorities worshiping animals, or spirits of animals, but there are many, many other religions that point toward higher deities. Technology has had no effect on these beliefs over millions of years.

Many Danothir have devoted their lives to the ancient Danothiri religion of Malanpek (who are called Cathar Malanpeki), the Star Ocean belief that the waters of all worlds are the same and can be understood in the greater symphony of the stellar spheres, and whose songs reach a monotheistic deity named Mirendil. They also believe that the universe is highly populated with multitudes of spirits. Two thirds of these spirits are good and work Mirendil, but the others are evil and work for Solokor, the wicked one.

There is no state sanctioned religion, however the government on Danothir does specifically celebrate Malanpek holidays, as well as other off-world holidays as the planet is a resort world.