Welcome to News Brief. I’m Zaphnath-Pannea, your host for the evening.

Here are the latest headlines from the local cluster of galaxies…

DANOTHIR: The planet has begun celebrations of the Danothiri new year. Feasts around the world have begun, and global celebrations are expected to continue for the rest of their solar month.

ESOTHIR: Danothir’s sister world is experiencing unusual climate activity due to a destablilization of their weather modification net. The southern continents are experiencing a 90% increase in rainfall.

PHAELONN: The fourth planet in the system is experiencing a climate change and is expected to become an arid world shortly. Flora and fauna are being extracted from the planet and replanted on garden and refuge worlds.

DELOTIR GALAXY: The galaxy is nearing collision with a dwarf satellite galaxy. Planets in the affected areas of the collision have been evacuated and the Universal Solar Guardianship is monitoring the situation.


Captain Odethar and his crew were stuck in a temporal loop in the Triphon Expanse, their ship apparently being hit by a time traveling older vessel over and over again. The crew managed to break free when becoming aware of the temporal loop itself.


A massive, planet-sized wormhole has opened in the Karsheek system. A local science vessel is exploring the situation.


Border disputes are increasing in the Calium galaxy. A peacekeeping ship has been dispatched to the area.